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May 22, 2015

Photos: The Following Season 3 Captures

Hello everyone, my name is Holly and I’m the new owner of I have added captures of Sam from season 3 of The Following to the gallery. I will be updating the gallery more over the course of the next month, so please stay tuned!

Gallery Link:
TV Productions > The Following (2014) > Season Three > Screencaptures

Sep 12, 2014

Sam Underwood 2014 Dennis Golonka Photoshoot

Sam Underwood may be best know for his roles as dark serial killers, but behind his bright gaze and six foot stature is a serious actor filled with humor and warmth. Underwood was raised in the town of Woking about a half hour’s drive from south London. His father was a singer/songwriter and Sam was a boy with plenty of excess energy. His mother put him in dance school at the age of four in hopes of buring off some of that liveliness. Eventually he started doing musicals, and pursing drama in college. In 2006 he moved to the United States and in 2008 graduated AMDA. He has been working as an actor ever since. In addition to his life as an actor, Sam Underwood wears another hat: he is the artistic director of The Fundamental Theatre Project. “I yearned to produce works that I always wanted to do I’ve been lucky enough to do CANDIDA and EQUUS, but up until that point, my musical theatre resume was the main thing. It was hard for me to get seen and be taken seriously for a straight play. So I decided to make the opportunity happen for myself.”

Emma Nolan sits down with Sam Underwood and discuss his penchant for playing dark characters. You can take a look at the photo shoot Sam did  with Dennis Golonka in our gallery:

12 6 73 

May 8, 2014

site is back online!

Finally we’re back! We have had some issues with the site when wordpress new version was updated. I think that now I can be relaxed were a few stressful days … I regret the inconvenience guys! Shortly I will be updating the site and the gallery! Remember if you have photos of Sam to donate, contact me! xx

Feb 24, 2014

Sam Underwood on the power dynamic between Mark and Luke

It’s been double trouble for Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) and the FBI on The Following, thanks to the terrifying twins Mark and Luke (both played by Sam Underwood). But despite what we’ve learned so far about the diabolical duo, viewers shouldn’t assume that Luke is the one who’s calling all the shots, according to Underwood.

On the surface, [Luke is the leader], yes,” Underwood tells “But Mark also has a huge amount of power over Luke. You see that in the first episode when Luke is about to go all crazy on Carlos. Just before he’s about to kill him, Mark kind of reins him in. … He has the ability to be able to do that with Luke because of their relationship. Luke is the front-man of the band. He’s the Paul McCartney. But Mark is the Ringo Starr. He’s there keeping it all together, even though he’s not at the very front.

That dynamic doesn’t necessarily mean that Mark poses the greater threat, however. After Luke watched his cohort — and lover? — Giselle (Camille De Pazzis) get stabbed to death in last week’s episode, it’s safe to assume that he has a renewed sense of motivation to kill Ryan.

Purely based on the fact that Luke is the more impulsive one, doesn’t always think before he acts, and is kind of a bit more of a rebel without a cause — or a rebel with a cause — I would say Luke’s the more actively dangerous one,” Underwood notes. “In a very broad sense, Luke loves to be seen, heard, celebrated for what he’s done. He loves the spotlight, whereas Mark is a lot more reserved and thinks before he acts.


Feb 21, 2014

The Following – Stills for Episode 2.04 & 2.06

I’ve added new episode stills for Episode 2.04 titled ‘Family Affair‘, and Episode 2.06 ‘Fly Away’ to the gallery


Feb 21, 2014

Exclusive Video: Behind the Scenes of The Following’s Shootout

Check out the videos below, exclusive to, to hear Bacon, San Underwood and members of the crew talk about the intricacies of filming action scenes like the one in Monday’s episode — and to get a behind-the-scenes perspective at the “cat-and-mouse” power struggle that’s happening between Joe and Lily Gray (Connie Nielsen).